TwentyThree develops strategic communications and curates brands for organisations which want to be heard in the global digital conversation.

Director: Strategy, Communications

Bronwen Kausch

Bronwen has more than 20 years’ experience working as a journalist and communications specialist in South Africa. She has covered technology, finance and economics extensively and has been widely published across a number of IT and business publications.

Bronwen spent four years as the COO of the Cape Chamber of Commerce, creating and implementing a new business and digital strategy as well as taking on the acting CEO role on two occasions. During her time at the Cape Chamber she headed up a Swedish chambers programme to build capacity within African chambers of commerce, with a special focuss on Alternate Dispute Resolution and women economic empowerment.

She is an associate at PeaceSystems, a registered civil society organisation which supports the development of sustainable systems and institutions to prevent, manage and resolve conflict in developing countries. Bronwen is also a co-founder of a LegalTech company, NuvaLaw. The company co-creates ecosystems and designs and implements digital platforms which, together, revolutionise the way legal information exchange is managed and how disputes are settled.

Bronwen has a Masters degree in ICT Policy and Regulation from Wits, which allows her to drill down into some of the more complex issues facing ICT development globally, and in Africa in particular.


Claire Adlam

Director: Web, Design, Language

Claire Adlam

Claire has been in PR for over 20 years. Her career started in Harare where she earned her stripes in the fast-paced agency environment. Quickly rising through the ranks, Claire then moved into corporate communications and management. Working closely with some of the biggest retail brands in the country, Claire gained valuable insight into how effective PR and branding can not only shift consumer perception, but translate into sustainable business growth.

Claire moved to Cape Town in 2006. After a stint in Cape Town’s PR agency world, she went on to launch Adlam Ink, a full-service PR, design and website development agency in 2009.

Claire has helped conceptualise, design and curate brands for a number of companies both in the consumer and business-to-business space. She builds long-term relationships with her clients and contributes to their business strategies.

Writing is a passion and by-product of her desire to see more people using language more effectively.

Claire is also a published author. Her first novel This Might Sting a Bit has had excellent reviews since its release in late 2021. She has a second book in the works. In 2022 she will share more on her publishing journey as a means to encourage other new authors to take the leap. Learn more about Claire Adlam the author here.


Behind the name: TwentyThree

The number 23 crops up in almost every field of study. From maths, all the way to literature, and including the very essence of our DNA building blocks. While the founders of TwentyThree don’t hold with some of the wilder conspiracy theories (yes there is some Knights Templar and Illuminati in there) the legend of the number’s influence spoke to both of us – in our personal lives, as well as our business. We both have an incurable fascination with how the world works. How literature and design can benefit humanity and how science and technology can affect meaningful change. Our interest in how all things cerebral can be used to craft a clearer message and a better understanding, can be likened to a Douglas Adams-like interest in the “interconnectedness of all things”.