Managing perception. Empowering leaders. Building brands with substance.

Meaningful conversations can change the way we view each other and our world. TwentyThree helps organisations find their authentic voice and begin real conversations with both internal and external stakeholders. Based in Cape Town, TwentyThree operates internationally, developing strategic communications and curating brands for organisations which want to be heard in the global digital conversation.

TwentyThree at a glance

Communications & Strategy

Analysing where your organisation is, where you want it to be, and crafting the journey to get you there. 


Powerful websites with well written copy and imagery that make people want to do business with you.


Design is the body language of your business. We make you aware of how and what you are communicating through it.

Language &

Playing fast and loose with grammar and language suggests an organisation that doesn’t care. We’ll show that you do care.


More strategic partner


More advocacy


More ROI


More substance

Building a brand

For a brand to succeed in a loud, cluttered world, it must first be fit for purpose and then be applied consistently across the business. TwentyThree takes a broader view on communications strategies and helps you formulate the essence of your brand, checking it against the backdrop of what you promise and what you deliver.

  • Strategy

    Your business - where is it going, how and why?

  • Perception

    Capturing the essence of your brand and then telling your story well.

  • Digital

    The first place people will look for you will involve digital of some flavour. It cannot be overlooked.

  • Identity

    Who are you and why is your brand wearing that?

Strategic networking

TwentyThree has a collaborative approach to strategy and project delivery. By widening our network to include like-minded communications professionals who share our vision, clients get a broader perspective on their requirements.

Our preferred partner network includes some remarkable PR consultants and strategists, writers, website developers, printers, video and graphic content producers.

A client would be hard-pressed to brief TwentyThree and have us say we can’t get it done.

One agency. One team servicing your entire brand strategy.

From brainstorming names for your business, through to growing market share, TwentyThree is the only brand curator & communications specialist you will need.

Companies we've worked with

Global Pharma Consulting